Who are we

We are a group of individuals working together to help those in need around the world, our focus is to better the lives of the ones who have given up.  We are working strongly in Bangladesh and are focused to increase our presence in other areas of this world.  you can help us do exactly that.

Our Story

Every person has a beginning, and this is where we talk about ours. This ever changing world is requiring help more and more be it climate or be it people, we ourselves are having difficulty seeing all this and want to take a stand with your support and elevate those situations to a better and higher level.  with your help we are achieving this and hope to continue to do so.

Registered Charity number 1134633

Meet the Team

We have a big team working behind the scenes and below are a few of the team members you can contact for any urging questions.

Feel free to call, write, email or message us.

Abdul Monim Khan

Founder Trustee & Director

Shajahan Miah (Aziz)

Trustee & Director

Barister Mujibur Rahman

                                                    Fundraising Co-ordinator

Syed Amirul Islam Ana

                                                    Fundraising Co-ordinator

Mohammad Zia Uddin

                                                    Fundraising Co-ordinator

Sohel Ahmed

                                                    Fundraising Co-ordinator

Abdul hafiz Khan

                                                    Fundraising Co-ordinator

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