We have teams on the ground around Bangladesh searching out the vulnerable and helping them work towards a better future for themselves, we are providing;

Slum Schools, (Bosti Schools)

One-Teacher primary Schools concentrated in the slums around cities in Bangladesh where children would otherwise have no access to an Education, are taught within a school environment and are also provided a simple meal, textbooks and stationary.

All Girls School

Designed as a unique educational institute for girls, providing good quality education in safety from the most deprived backgrounds, giving them a ray of hope for a better future.

Reward Programme for Talented individuals

Providing financial support in our poor communities to students with potential to progress further in their education.

Support of Vulnerable Individuals

Providing vulnerable individuals/families with a means for making their own livelihood and provide relief from sudden hardship

Darul Ihsan Academy

Providing education and mentoring services in Bangladesh, there is also plans for the same in the UK.

Jameah Darul Islam School

A full time Madrassah school providing free education according to the national curriculum along with Arabic and tajweed in Bangladesh

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