We are happy to announce that through our sponsorship and with your donations and well wishes there has been a drive to help adult learning.

We have started to let out our office for Adult Tajweed and Arabic Language classes. There is a good number of Adults benefiting from this. We hope to see good success and hope to help a lot more adults achieve a very good standard in recitation of the Quran.

At present classes are on;

Monday – Tajweed for Beginners 6pm – 9pm

Tuesday – Tajweed and Recitation 6pm – 9pm

Thursday – Arabic Grammar & Language 6pm – 9pm

Sunday class 1 – Quranic Tafsir and Lecture 3pm – 5pm

Sunday class 2 – Arabic Grammar & Language 5pm – 8pm

Get in touch for class times and Availability.

More classes being added soon, register your interest if you are able to attend our centre at 74 Benjonson Road E1 3NN

We use all your donations on our projects

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